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Animal Diversity Web Aplacophora

Features information on classification. With related links.

Answers.Com Aplacophora

Contains definition. With links to related sites.

Biodidac Animalia Mollusca Aplacophora

Contains images of member specie.

Discrimination and Phylogeny of Solenogaster Species Through the Morphology of Hard Parts

Presents a cladistic analysis of species. With related links. The full title of the paper is "Discrimination and phylogeny of solenogaster species through the morphology of hard parts (Mollusca, Aplacophora, Neomeniomorpha).".

Exceptionally Preserved Vermiform Mollusc from the Silurian of England

Discusses phylogeny and ancestral characters. With links to related sites.

Foregut Glands of Solenogastres (Mollusca): Anatomy and Revised Terminology.

Discusses anatomy and cytology. With links to related sites.

Mollusks Class Aplacophora

Provides information about subgroups.

Order Aplacophora

Contains taxonomic information.

Organisms Aplacophora

Contains information on taxonomy and hierarchy.

Original Molluscan Radula

Presents a summary of the results of this study, entitled "Original molluscan radula: comparisons among Aplacophora, Polyplacophora, Gastropoda, and the Cambrian fossil Wiwaxia corrugata." With links to related sites.

Taxonomicon Aplacophora

Contains taxonomic information.

Taxonomy of the Aplacophora

Contains photos and links.

Two Aplacophoran Subclasses

Provides information on classification. With photos and links.

Visuals Unlimited Aplacophora

Contains description of members. With links to related information.

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