Lophophorates in the Best of the Web Directory


Animal Diversity Web: Lophophorates

Features a taxonomic diagram on this phylum. With pictures.

Basal Bilateralians and Lophophorates

Presents a course outline on this topic.

Evidence From 18S Ribosomal DNA That the Lophophorates are Protostome Animals

Contains an abstract on a study done by Halanych KM. From Pub Med.

Introduction to the Lophotrochozoa

Contains taxonomic and evolutionary history of molluscs, worms and lophophores. With list of sources.

Lophophorates (Ectoprocta and Brachiopoda)

Contains introductory information on this animal group. With photos.

Marine Phyla Pages – Lophophorata

Provides information on external features, habitation and ecological roles of these species. With links.

Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates: Vol VI: Echinoderms and Lophophorates.

Provides information on a publication on these phyla. With pricing information.

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