Urochordata in the Best of the Web Directory


Animal Diversity Web Subphylum Urochordata

Presents pictures of member species. With links to specimens and classifications.

Bartleby.com Tunicate

Discusses basic features of member species.

Book Rags.com Urochordata

Describes physical features and characteristics. With pictures and sources.

California Biota Home Page Subphylum Urochordata

Contains photos of representative species. With links.

Elook.org Urochordata

Gives definition on tunicates with links.

FishBase.org: Larvaceans

Offers brief definition and related terms in English, French, and Portuguese.

Introduction Subphylum Urochordata

Describes physical features of member species.

Introduction to the Urochordata

Gives description of member species. With photos.

Medical Dictionary: Urochordata

Offers information on member species. With links.

One Look Urochordata

Provides links to online resources.

Organisms: Urochordata

Provides taxonomic information and heirarchical data. With related sources.

Systematic Tree of Organisms: Urochordata

Contains a taxonomic diagram. With links.

Word Reference.com Subphylum Urochordata

Presents a phylogenetic tree and references.

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