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Austro-American Sideneck Turtles

Encyclopedia of Life reports on this family of freshwater turtles, including taxonomy, description, media, and related resources.

Austro-American Side-necked Turtles (Family Chelidae)

Provides pictures, classification, genera, species, ranges, habitats, natural history, similarities, and fossil record.

Earth's Endangered Creatures: Short-necked Turtle

Gives names, appearance, locations, habitat, mating, population, threats, and conservation.

Fraser Island Short-necked Turtle (Emydura krefftii)

Animal Diversity explores diet, behavior, status, reproduction, description, range, and habitat.

Mata Mata (Chelus fimbriatus)

Reports on diet, behavior, reproduction, locations, habitat, appearance, status, and ecosystem impact.

Matamata (Chelus fimbriatus)

Describes physical characteristics, geographic range, habitat, diet, behavior, and reproduction.

Red-bellied Short-necked Turtle, Emydura subglobosa

Lists overview, description, diet, habitat, behavior, and reproduction details.

Western Swamp Turtle (Pseudemydura umbrina)

Furnishes images, facts, status, locations, habitat, appearance, diet, behavior, threats, and conservation.

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