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This category contains information on the members of the genus Elaphe, which includes Fox Snake, Corn Snake, and Rat Snake species.
  • The Corn Calculator

    Online corn snake genetics calculating tool enables the prediction of possible outcomes from a pairing of corn snakes3.

  • Corn Snake Elaphe guttata

    Contains information on range, habitat, physical description and feeding. With pictures, maps and links.

  • Corn Snake Pictures and Facts

    Introduction to the corn snake family and information about its size, color, behavior, habitat, diet, reproduction, and handling. With pictures and a bibliography.

  • The Corn Snake.co.uk

    Offers information about keeping cornsnakes. With photos, forums, downloads, and related links.

  • Cornsnake Morph Guide

    Official website of the "Cornsnake Morph Guide" book that provides discussions and descriptions of over a hundred morphs. With forums and corn snake genetics information and tutorial.

  • Fox Snake

    Presents range, adaptation and physical features. With related links.

  • Rat Snake

    Features profile. With pictures and links to related sites.

  • Rat Snake Elaphe obsoleta

    Provides information on characteristics. With photos, maps and links.

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