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The family Polychrotidae includes the lizards commonly called Anoles. Previously considered a subfamily of Iguanidae, recent research places these reptiles in their own family.

Information includes taxonomic debate, diet, behavior, species, distribution, biomes, reproduction, economic impact, threats, status, and conservation actions.
  • Anolis carolinensis (Green Anole)

    Provides data on geographic range, habitat, physical description, reproduction, behavior, feeding, economic importance and conservation status. With pictures and references.

  • Anolis carolinensis Green Anole

    Features characteristics, evolution and distribution. With maps and links.

  • Anolis sagrei Brown Anole

    Contains information on diagnostic features, natural history and range. With pictures, maps and links.

  • Brown Anole

    Presents physical features, range and habitat, habits, diet, reproduction and abundance. With links and photos.

  • Brown Anole Anolis sagrei

    Offers pictures and descriptions. With references.

  • Green Anole

    Contains information on characteristics, range and habitat, habits, diet, reproduction and adaptation. With pictures, maps and links to related sites.

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