Reptilia in the Best of the Web Directory


Animal Diversity Web Class Reptilia

Contains basic information on physical features. With online references, links and pictures.

California Biota Class Reptilia

Contains basic information. With pictures and links to related sites.


Contains data on physical description, diet, fossils and classification. With pictures and links.

Desert Dinosaurs Orders Saurischia and Ornithischia

Contains information on members, orders, range, habitat, behavior, life cycle and extinction. With pictures, links and online references.

Global Snakebite Initiative

Registered non profit charitable organization based in Australia provides details of objectives, projects, resource, support and news updates.

Higher Taxa in Extant Reptiles

Lists Subclass, Order, Suborder, and Family for non-extinct reptiles.


Contains data on diet, anatomy and fossils. With pictures and links.


Contains data on diet, anatomy, fossils and classification. With pictures and links.

Reptile Printouts

Contains meaning, cladogram and pictures with short description.


Contains information on classification and phylogeny. With pictures, references and links to related sites.

Species Distribution Map

Shows the crocodile population in each country. With pictures and links.

Species Numbers (as of February 2008)

Lists reptiles by higher taxa. With links to search by family, related information, and terms.

Teacher's Guide to Reptiles

Features educational materials. With links.

Those Diverse Diapsids: The Reptiles (Except Turtles)

Contains information on group members, evolutionary history, meanings and physical structures. With pictures and links to related sites.

Zoom Reptilia

Contains classification and description. With links, cladogram and pictures with labeled parts.

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