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About.com: Xenarthrans - Order Xenarthra

Describes common characteristics, original and current locations, convergent evolution, and similar unrelated species.

Animal Diversity Web: Order Cingulata (Armadillos)

Provides photographs, sketches, specimens, and classification.

Brain Museum: Cingulata

Information includes habitat, adaptations and characteristics, behavior, diet, and species account.

Brain Museum: Pilosa

Examines classification change, characteristics, habitats, diets, and links to three species reports.

Brazilian Three-banded Armadillo Tolypeutes tricinctus

Overview on profile, trends and status. With local names, references and pictures.

Enchanted Learning Edentata Xenarthra

Contains information on physical description, member species and suborders.

Floridanature.org Xenarthra Anteaters, Armadillos, Sloths

Presents information on taxonomic classification and member species.

InfoNatura Species Index

Provides data on classification. Includes links.

Introduction to the Xenarthra

Contains information on member species, description and distribution. With pictures.

ITIS Report: Cingulata

Lists taxonomic status and hierarchy, publications, comments, and off-site resources.

ITIS Report: Pilosa

Gives synonyms, taxonomic status and hierarchy, references, comments, and additional resources.

Mammals of Texas Order Xenarthra: Armadillos, Sloths and Allies

Contains information on distribution, characteristics and families.

Maned Three-toed Sloth

Data on morphology and ecology. With trivia, photos and references.

Pictures and Facts About the Edentates Oder: Xenarthra

Lists online references. With brief descriptions and pictures.

Xenarthra.org: Xenarthrans

Discusses history of ancient and current member species.

Xenarthra: Fossil Record

Presents information on life history, ecology, systematics, and morphology.

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