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The Muridae is the family of rats, mice, gerbils, and their relatives. It is the largest family under class Mammalia that includes over six hundred species naturally distributed in various locations worldwide including Africa, Australia, and Eurasia; and later introduced to other regions. The Murid subfamilies are the Deomyinae, Gerbillinae, Lophiomyinae, Leimacomyinae, and Murinae.

In general, murids are small mammals that typically grow to approximately 10 centimeters (around 4 inches) long not including the tail in the measurement Some members become as big as 48 centimeters (19 inches) as in the case of the Southern Giant Slender-tailed Cloud Rat. Usual colors of murids include brown, black, grey, and those with white markings. They commonly possess slender bodies, scaled tails, and pointed snouts with conspicuous whiskers.

This category presents lists links to sites that provide information about the numerous members of the Muridae family including taxonomy, photos, animal profiles, and care information.
  • The National BioResource Project for the Rat in Japan

    Features a repository of rat strains, rat biology related resources, and laboratory and meeting information. With news and contact details.

  • Rat Behavior and Biology

    Collection of articles on rat behavior, vocalization, diet and feeding habits, rat senses, anatomy, cell biology, and systematics. With health notes and humor.

  • Rat Genome Database

    Presents rat gene map positions and functions, strain reports, gene ontology, phenotypes and models, genome tools, and pathway reports and diagrams.

  • The Striped Mouse

    Provides information about the striped mouse's characteristics and distribution, communal nesting and paternal care, potential reasons for group living, high population density, habitats, and short breeding season.

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