Mammalia Primates in the Best of the Web Directory

Mammalia Primates Primate

Presents information on members, physical appearance and development.

American Society of Primatologists

Contains information on educational programs, conservation and research. Membership required.

Animal Omnibus Primates Order Primates

Lists families, genera and species. With online sources.

Center for the Advanced Study of Ape and Human Evolution

Contains data on research, conservation and goals. With photos and online references.

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collection Primates

Discusses characteristics, senses, distribution, families, genera, species, brain evolution, development and functions. With online references. Primates

Offers categories and listing of online sources.

Digimorph Primates

Offers photos of skulls. With labels.

Enchanted Learning Search Primates Printouts

Contains information on description and members. Includes photos and links.

Endangered Primate Rescue Center

Contains information on rehabilitation, breeding, research and conservation. With online references and images.

Farm World Primates Section

Lists categories with links and online references.

Fossil Primates 1

Provides information on lecture concentrating on the evolutionary period.


Contains information on status and conservation. With references.

Great Apes and Other Primates

Contains data about the zoo where these species live. With images and references.

Laboratory Primate Newsletter

Presents issues and articles. With online references.

Mammalogy Order Primates

Presents data on general characteristics, locomotion, suborders and families.

Netvet Primates

Offers online references.

Primarily Primates

Provides information on services. Includes pictures.


Presents information on evolution, conservation and taxonomy. Includes fact sheets and links.

Primate Factsheets

Lists primate species. With links and pictures.

Primate Images From the AV Collection

Contains information on publication, genera and common names. Includes links and photos.

Primate Info Net

Online library and information service of the National Primate Research Center at University of Wisconsin - Madison. Includes fact sheets, news, and research and educational resources.

Primate Taxonomy

Lists taxonomic proposals by different authors.


Offers online sources of issues.

Primates Contemporary

Provides information on prehistoric and modern species. With charts.

Primates On The Brink

Presents report on 25 most endangered primates.

Primates, Apes, Monkeys and You

Contains information on member species. With images and online sources.

Reference Library Primates

Provides information on members, distinguishing characteristics, senses and caring for the young. Includes pictures.

Tree of Life Web Project Primates

Provides diagram and references.

What Are Primates?

Contains information on special features, categories and relation to humans. With online sources and images.

Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Contains information on publication, objectives, discoveries and news.

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