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Animal Diversity Web Order Perissodactyla Horses, Rhinoceroses, and Tapirs

Presents information on members, physical appearance, distribution, specimens and classification. With photos. Perissodactyla

Presents data on meaning, members, distribution, list species, brain evolution, development and function. Includes online references.

Enchanted Learning Perissodactyla

Gives data on description, number of suborders, family and species. Includes photos.

Highway Gold Photo Gallery Perissodactyla

Offers images with links.

InforaNatura Species Index

Offers families under order perissodactyla.

Introduction to the Perissodactyla

Features distinguishing characteristics and members. With references.

ITIS Report: Perissodactyla

Offers taxonomy and nomenclature, hierarchy, references, and list of off-site resources.


Compares the ungulate groups.

Netvet Perissodactyla

Lists animals. With links. Order Perissodactyla

Contains data on suborders, families and genera. With photos.

Online Encyclopedia Perissodactyla Odd-toed

Discusses distinguishing characteristics and history.

Order Perissodactyla

Presents data on members, diagnostic characteristics and a listing of member species. Includes pictures and links.

Perissodactyls Order Perissodactyla

Contains information on number of species and families and members. Includes online references.

Tree of Life Web Project Perissodactyla

Shows pictures and references.

Wildlife Africa Order Perissodactyla

Shows photos and online sources. English Dictionary

Contains taxonomic guide. With links.

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