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Animal Adaptations Monotremes

Features members, range and physical features. With pictures and links. Monotreme

Provides information on range, characteristics, physiology and taxonomy. With online references.

Enchanted Learning Search Monotremes

Presents information on members, reproduction and range. With pictures and links.

Image Archives and Links To Images On the Web

Lists photos of species. With links. What is a Monotreme?

Provides information on physical features. With links.

Long-beaked Echidna Zaglossus bruijni

Provides data on characteristics, trivia,morphology and ecology. With local names, references and photos.

Mammalogy BSCI 338M

Contains lecture notes. With links.

Mesozoic Mammals? Monotremata

Provides information on online resources featuring these species. With links and references.


Provides information on traits and other families. With pictures and links.

Monotremata Platypus and Echidnas

Offers pictures. With links and references.

Monotremata: Life History & Ecology

Discusses range, characteristics, reproduction, fossil records, systematics and morphology. With links, photos and online references.


Gives general characteristics, physiology, taxonomy, fossil species, and links to members of the group.

Monotreme Extreme

Presents information on characteristics, members, history, diet, behavior, breeding season, reproduction and life span.

Monotremes Are Not That Confusing

Presents features shared with other animal groups. With links.

Monotremes Egg-laying Mammals

Provides information on members, range and physical description. With pictures.

Monotremes Order Monotremata

Provides information on members, reproduction, characteristics, ranges and habitat. With pictures and links.

Order Monotremata Monotremes

Shows taxonomic tree. With links and online references.

Paleontology Portal: Monotremes

Describes physical features, fossil range, and gives links to periods.

Pictures and Facts About Monotremes

Offers images and links with description.

Systematic Relationships of the Monotremata: The Ontogenetic Evidence

Discusses morphogenenesis and molecular genetics. By Ulrich Zeller.

What is a Monotreme?

Discusses characteristics, members and fossil records. With maps, pictures and links.

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