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About Hares, Rabbits, & Pikas Order Lagomorpha

Presents data on description, classification, habitat and diet. Includes references and links.

Animal Diversity Web Order Lagomorpha Hares, Pikas, and Rabbits

Contains data on number of species, families and genera, classification, physical description, habitat and diet. With related literature.

Animal Info Hispid Hare

Features profile, morphology and ecology. With references. Lagomorpha

Contains information on members, classification and characteristics.

Black-tailed Jackrabbit Lepus californicus

Gives information on description, life history, habitat and distribution.

Brainmuseum Lagomorpha

Gives information on members, physical description, distribution, brain evolution, function and development. With online references.

Enchanted Learning Lagomorphs

Contains information on members, description and classification. Includes pictures. Lagomorpha Hares, Rabbits, Picas

Provides data on classification and listing on members species. Includes photos and links.

Infonatura Lagomorpha

Lists families. With links.

Netvet Rabbits

Lists online references.

Order Lagomorpha Lagomophs

Lists families and genera. With links.

Order Lagomorpha: Hares and Rabbits

Features description and family members. With links.

Pictures and Facts About the Hares, Pikas, and Rabbits

Offers links with brief description. Includes photos.

Pika Photo Gallery

Shows images.

Rabbit Web

Contains news and tips on caring for this specie. With photos.

Riverine Rabbit

Discusses morphology and physical features. With links. Order Lagomorpha

Lists families and genera.

Tree of Life Web Project Lagomorpha

Offers photos and references. English Dictionary

Provides taxonomic guide. With links.

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