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Insectivora Order Insectivora

Lists families and genera. With links.

Animal Diversity Web Order Insectivora Insectivores

Contains information on members, physical description, classification, specimens and families. With photos.

Animals Insectivores

Provides online references.

Black Shrew Suncus ater

Data on profile and biology. With local names, references and images. Order Insectivora Insectivores

Discusses origin, history, information on continental range, habitat, status, diet, life cycle and nesting. Soricomorpha

Presents characteristics, range, appearance, classification, and links to some shrews and moles.

Cuban Solenodon

Contains information on profile, morphology and local names. With photos, links and references.

Enchanted Learning Search Order Insectivora

Shows pictures, links, information on members and description.

Extinct Mammals of the West Indies Insectivora

Gives information on classification. With links.

Facts and Pictures About Insectivores

Provides links with brief description. Includes photos and online references.

Image Archive and Links to Images on the Web

Lists families and members. With links and photos. Insectivora

Lists families and members. With links.

Insect Eaters Insectivores Order Insectivora

Offers information on family members. With links.

Insectivore-like Mammals: Tiny Teeth and their Enigmatic Owners

Contains information on origin, history, members and description. Includes figures.

Insectivores Order Insectivora

Presents data on characteristics, physical description, diet, habitat and distribution. Includes families.

Juliana's Golden Mole

Information on profile, status, trends, biology and ecology. With references and links, photos.

Mammals of Texas Online Edition Order Insectivora

Provides data on habitat, characteristics, physical appearance and family members. With links. Insectivora

Learn about these mammals and the animals within this group.

Order Insectivora

Lists families and genera.

Order Insectivora Insectivores

Lists families. With links.

Tree of Life Web Project Insectivora

Offers references and images. English Dictionary

Provides images, translation in different languages and taxonomic guide. With links and online references.

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