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Animal Diversity Web Order Chiroptera Bats

Provides information on specimens, classification, diversity, geographic range, habitat, taxonomic history, physical description, life span and behavior. With sounds and photos.

Animal Info Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat

Contains data on profile and morphology. With references, local names and photos. Bat

Contains information on number of members, families, physical appearance, special characteristics, classification, reproduction, behavior and enemies. Includes photos and links.

Bat Atlas

Finds importance, photos, and additional online references.

Bat Conservation International

Offers gallery, publications, conservation programs, features, and news.

Bat Conservation Society of Canada

An information resource for information on the bats of Canada or bats in general. Offers involvement in education programs at schools and any groups which are looking for talks on bats.

Bat Conservation Trust

Contains information on publication and news. Includes photos and links.

Bat Ecology and Bioacoustics Lab.

Provides information on services and facilities.

Bat Evolution Linked To Warming

Features history. With images.

Bats and Rabies

Discusses infection and cure. With images.

Bats Conservation International

Offers photographs, conservation news, services and publications. BatConIntl

Bats in the Desert Southwest

Presents classification, range, related species, description, behavior, habitat, diet, breeding and conservation. With pictures.

Bats Order Chiroptera

Lists genera under families. With references.

Belfry Bat Detector

Offers invention used to detect sounds. With links.

Bougainville Monkey-faced Flying Fox

Provides information on profile, status, trends, biology and ecology. With local names, references and images.

Bulmer's Fruit Bat Aproteles bulmerae

Features profile and morphology. With local names, references and links.

Canadian Bat Resources

Shows online references.


Presents data on characteristics and list of names. With online references.

Chiroptera and Chiropterologists

Contains news and events. With online references.

Chiroptera Night fliers

Contains data on physical appearance, number, fossil record, life history, systematics and morphology. With online references and photos.

Chiroptera: Systematics

Shows data on classification, fossil record, life history, ecology, and morphology. Includes online references and images.

Cusp-toothed Fruit Bat Pteralopex atrata

Presents information on profile, status and trends. With local names, references and links.

Echolocation in the Bat

Provides information on behavior and neural substrates. With references.

Fijian Monkey-faced Bat

Contains data on profile, status, trends, biology and ecology. With references and links.

Flower-faced Bat Anthops ornatus

Background on physical characteristics, morpholoogy and ecology. With local names, references and pictures.

Golden-capped Fruit Bat

Overview on biology and ecology. With trivia, references and links.

North American Symposium on Bat Research

Features services and events.

Order Chiroptera Bat

Contains information on physical description, breeding season, distribution and members. With links.

Pictures and Facts About the Bats Order Chiroptera

Offers links with brief description, information on diet and characteristics. Bats

Provides personal essay.

Tree of Life Web Project Chiroptera

Features members, physical appearance, characteristics, monophyly and phylogenetic relationships. Includes geographic distribution, taxonomic data and photos.

Vertebrate Flight

Gives information on evolutionary history and adaptation. With images and online references.

Wind Turbines and Bats: A New Way of Study

Provides information on aims.

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