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About Carnivores Order Carnivora

Provides information on families, members and characteristics. With links.

Animal Diversity Web Order Carnivora

Discusses the mammals that eat meat. With links to related sites. Carnivora

Provides information on subgroups, characteristics, and member species families. With links.

Carnivora - Systematic Overview

Lists families and subfamilies; scientific and common names.

Carnivora Carnivores

Provides information on characteristics and families.

Carnivora Order Carnivora

Lists suborders and families. With links.

Carnivorous Mammals

Contains information on characteristics and pictures with descriptions.

GMA: Carnivore Families

Contains information on classification. With tables and links. Carnivora

Lists families. With links.

Introduction to Carnivora

Provides information on members, fossil record, life history, ecology, systematics and morphology. With photos, online references and links.

Magdagascar Pictures: Carnivores

Offers photos with links.

Mammalogy Order Carnivora

Provides information on general characteristics, habitat, phylogeny history and families. With links.

Order Carnivora

Contains information on characteristics and list of families. With pictures and links.

Order Carnivora Carnivores

Lists family names. With links.

Order Carnivora Meat Eaters

Provides information on members and characteristics.

Order Carnivora The Carnivores

Contains information on characteristics and list of members of families. With links and photos.

Pictures and Facts About Carnivores

Contains information on members, characteristics and links with brief description.

Tree of Life Web Project Carnivora

Offers pictures, references and links. Carnivora

Offers photos.

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