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Members of this family of Deer species include Brockets, Caribou, Elk, Moose, Muntjacs, Pudus, as well as Roe, Mule, Fallow, Red, White-tailed, and Water Deer.

Details include classification, appearance and characteristics, social structure, behavior, lifespan, food habits and diet, communication, reproduction, threats, status, and conservation.
  • Animal Info - White-lipped (Thorold's) Deer

    Details cover common names, size, range, population decline, miscellaneous facts, IUCN data, threats, habitat and locations, birth rate, activity, and social behavior. Also offers links to images, distribution map, and references.

  • Animal Info: Bawean Deer

    Explains common names, overview, trivia, IUCN information, birth season, feeding habits, activity, and herds. Includes links to translations, image, and distribution map.

  • Calamian Deer

    Animal Info offers profile with picture, status, trends, ecology, and biology. Includes other names and references.

  • Family Cervidae (Deer)

    Animal Diversity describes the members of this familiy, appearances, behaviors, diet, habitats, habits, and history.

  • Taiga Animals: Moose

    Missouri Botanical Garden article tells classification, diet, status, habitat, range, size, appearance, social structure, and diet. Includes range map.

  • Visayan Spotted Deer

    Animal Info factsheet gives names, links to images and distribution maps, species overview, tidbits, statistics on status and locations, preferred habitat, and gestation period.

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