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Artiodactyla Systematics

Provides information on fossil record, life history, classification and morphology.

Canadian Encyclopedia Artiodactyla

Presents information on number, members and description.

Enchanted Artiodactyls

Offers images. With links, information on suborder and family.

Even-Toed Ungulates Order Artiodactyla

Contains information on description, classification, habitat and members. With links.

Genomic Evolution and Diversity in Artiodactyla

Presents information on this publication. With links.

Images Archives and Links to Images on the Web Order Artiodactyla

Lists members of families. Includes links. Artiodactyla

Presents data on description and suborders. Includes links.

Introduction to the Artiodactyla

Provides data on members, commercial value, fossil record, life history, ecology, systematics and morphology. Includes images and online references.

Mammals of Texas Online Edition Order Artiodactyla

Provides information on members, families and physical appearance.

Order Artiodacryla

Contains information on suborder and families. With links.

Order Artiodactyla Even-toed Ungulates

Contains information on habitat, physical description, ranges, specimens and classification. With sounds and photos.

Order Artiodactyla The Even-toed Ungulates

Lists families, subfamilies and genus. Includes links and photos.

Photovalet Artiodactyla

Shows images and links.

Pictures and Facts About the Even-toed Ungulates

Contains information on members, habitat and distinctive features. With links and photos.

Transitional Vertebrate Fossils FAQ Artiodactyls Cloven-hoofed Animals

Discusses evolution, members and physical descriptions. With references.

Whose Tooth Is This?

Shows photos with descriptions. Includes information on members.

WMNH Artiodactyla

Displays images.

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