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About Mammals Class Mammalia

Discusses characteristics of these species. With links.

Animal Diversity Web Class Mammalia

Discusses diversity, geographic range, habitat, systematics and taxonomic history. With photos, links and references.

Animal Info World's Rarest Mammals

Lists endangered species.

Explore The Biology of Marine Mammals Found in Canada

Contains scientific and common names of members of the family. With links.

Hall of Mammals

Provides information about the four groups of the class including the extinct Multituberculata.

Mammalia Mammals

Lists species names. With common names, national and local status and links.

Mammalian Phylogeny

Contains information on major branches and taxonomic tree. With sources and links.

Mammals: Collection of the Siberian Zoological Museum

Describes the collection, with composition table, types, catalog, systematical index, and references.

Natural History Collections Mammals

Offers information on the shared features of all species under this group. With images.

North American Mammals

Offers links, online references and pictures.

Seafriends - Sea Mammals of New Zealand

Provides a listing of water animals under the class that are found in the region. .

Tanzanian Mammal Key

Contains pictures. With links.

Tree Of Life Web Project Mammalia

Shows taxonomic diagram. With pictures and links.

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