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Actin-related Intercellular Adhesion Junctions in the Germinal Compartment of the Testis

Reviews the article by Pfeiffer DC. With links to related sites.

Ancient Prevertebrate Na -nucleoside Cotransporter (hfCNT) from the Pacific Hagfish

Features a review on this study. With links to related sites.

Cell Junctions of the Glomerular Epithelium in a Very Early Vertebrate (Myxine glutinosa).

Presents brief review of the findings. By Kubota S.

Evolution of Myelin Sheaths: Both Lamprey and Hagfish Lack Myelin

Contains a summary of the study by Bullock TH. With links to related sites.

Evolutionary Analysis of "Hagfish Amelogenin".

Features an article on cloning. With links to related sites.

Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico, Vol. 1 : Myxiniformes to Gasterosteiformes

Features information on this publication. With links to related sites.

Hemoglobins, XLVIIII. The Primary Structure of a Monomeric Hemoglobin From the Hagfish

Features a review of this article. With links and related sites.

Highly Repetitive DNA Families Restricted to Germ Cells in a Japanese Hagfish

This article, entitled "Highly repetitive DNA families restricted to germ cells in a Japanese hagfish (Eptatretus burgeri): a hierarchical and mosaic structure in eliminated chromosomes," discusses molecular cloning. With links.

Immunocytochemical Study of Fibronectin in the Sea Lamprey, Petromyzon Marinus

Discusses cell-matrix adhesion and tissue organization. With links.

Iodine Distribution in the Thyroid Follicles of the Hagfish, Eptatretus burgeri and Lamprey

Presents information on the study by Suzuki S. With links to full text.

Leukocyte Common Antigen (CD45) of the Pacific Hagfish, Eptatretus stoutii

Presents the study suggesting the presence of this substance in this specie. With links and related sites.

Lipoprotein Crystals of Cyclostome Yolk Platelets

Contains data on this article. With index source. The paper is entitled "The lipoprotein crystals of cyclostome yolk platelets (Myxine glutinosa L., Lampetra planeri [Bloch], L. fluviatilis [L.]).".

Molecular Cloning and Structural Characterization of the Hagfish Proteinase Inhibitor of the Alpha-2

The full title of this paper is "Molecular cloning and structural characterization of the hagfish proteinase inhibitor of the alpha-2-macroglobulin family," and it features results and implications of the study. From Pub Med.

Occurrence and Distribution of GnRH in the Brain of Atlantic Hagfish, an Agnatha

Presents a study supporting the relationships of both species. With links to related sites.

Organisms: Myxiniformes

Contains taxonomic information. With links to related sites.

Plasma Cells in Adult Atlantic Hagfish, Myxine glutinosa

Presents a study on the evolution of immune responses. By Zapata A.

Protein Tyrosine Kinase cDNAs from Amphioxus, Hagfish, and Lamprey

Reviews the study by Suga, H., entitled "Protein tyrosine kinase cDNAs from amphioxus, hagfish, and lamprey: isoform duplications around the divergence of cyclostomes and gnathostomes.".

Sequence Analysis of Vasotocin cDNAs

The study reviewed in this paper, entitled "Sequence analysis of vasotocin cDNAs of the lamprey, Lampetra japonica, and the hagfish, Eptatretus burgeri: evolution of cyclostome vasotocin precursors," is available from Med Pub.

Serum Thyroxine Concentrations in the Pacific Hagfish and Lamprey

Information on the article by Packard GC.

Vertebrate 7S K RNA Separates Hagfish (Myxine glutinosa) and Lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis)

Presents a review of this article. With links to full text.

X-Ray Microanalysis on the Thyroid Follicle of the Hagfish

Discusses results of iodine content examination. With links and related sites. "X-ray microanalysis on the thyroid follicle of the hagfish, Eptatretus burgeri and lamprey, Lampetra japonica" is the full title of this article.

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