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Acrosome Reaction in Spermatozoa of the Hagfish Eptatretus burgeri (Agnatha)

Furnishes an abstract of article from Morisawa, Sachiko. With pricing guide and access tools.

Analysis of Lamprey and Hagfish Genes [PDF]

Contains a discussion of the comparative study. By Hector Escriva et.al.

Ancient Preverebrate Na -Nucleoside Cotransporter (htCNT) from the Pacific Hagfish

Contains a report of this study by Sylvia Y. Yao, et. al. From AJP Cell Physiology.

Answers.com Hagfish

Contains introductory information.

Atlantic Hagfish, Myxine Glutinosa

Provides information on external and internal features. Includes importance on research.

Bactericidal Antibody Response in the Pacifis Hagfish, Eptatretus Stoutii

Reports on the findings and significance of the study by Ronald T. Acton, et.al. Includes abstract, full text and references.

Bartleby.com Hagfish

Provides brief information about the group. With links to related sites.

Craniates: Class Myxine (Hagfish)

Contains photos and introductory information. With slide show.

Demons of the Deep

Contains information on the predatory qualities of the hagfishes inhabiting Loch Ness lake. With links to related sites.

Digital Termpapers Hagfish

Contains a searchable database of essays on these species. Payment required.

Distribution of Hagfish ( Myxinidae: Myxiniformes) in Taiwan [PDF]

Discusses breeding areas and habitations. With data on collection method and references.

Douglas Fudge Abstracts Mechanical Properties of Fibres Isolated From Hagfish Slime

Discusses the qualities of the threads of the mucin component of this defensive mechanism.

Encyclopedia.com: Hagfish

Explores definitions, pictures, related research topics, and a variety of free and related articles.


Provides a discussion on reproduction, habits, movements and adaptations. by Zach D.

Hagfish Hemoglobins

Contains a study on structure, function and oxygen-links. By Angela Fago, et. al.

Hagfish Humoral Defense Protein

The full title of this paper is "Hagfish Humoral Defense Protein Exhibits A structural and Functional Homology." It presents mechanics and results. With abstract and discussion.

Hagfish Myxine glutinosa Linnaeus 1758

Provides information on physical characteristics, behavior, breeding habits, range and habitation. With images.

Hagfish Slime Research

Provides background information on this study. With photos and related publications.

Hagfishes- Repulsively Fascinating

Provides information on characteristics, defensive mechanisms and commercial value. From California Diving.

Immunoreactivity in the Brain of the Pacific Hagfish

Furnishes an abstract and excerpt from article by Wicht, Helmut and Northcutt, R. Glenn. From Cell and Tissue Research. The full title of the paper is "FMRFamide-like immunoreactivity in the brain of the Pacific hagfish, Eptatretus stouti (Myxinoidea).".

Kinds of Fish

List species under this class. With scientific and common names.

Lactate Dehydrogenases of Atlantic Hagfish: Physiological and Evolutionary Implications

Abstract of study by Bruce D. Sidell, et. al. With citations and link to access information.

Merriam-Webster Online Hagfish

Provides a definition of this specie. With links.

Midtermpapers Hagfish

Provides information on characteristics and dietary habits. Membership required.

Monster of the Deep Atlantic Hagfish

Features information on physical characteristics, systematics and behavior. With links to related sites.

Ocean Explorer

Lists links to related sites. With photos.

Ocean Explorer Hagfish

Presents an image and brief introduction. With links to related sites.

Online Learning Center Class Myxini

Offers links to access related sites.

Organisms: Hagfish

Contains data on taxonomy and lineage.

Polymer Drag Reduction using the Slime of the Pacific Hagfish [PDF]

Reports results and mechanics of the study by Cristopher McMinn. Includes abstract.

Primary Structures of Somatostatins

Provides a summary of results. With links to related sites. The full title of the paper is "Primary Structures of Somatostatins from the Islet Organ of the Hagfish Suggest an Anomalous Pathway of Posttranslational Processing of Prosomatostatin-1.".

Rheology of Hagfish Mucin

Contains results of a study by Suzanna Melotti et. al. In slide form.

Sample Hagfish Worksheet Hagfish

Contains materials for classroom lessons. With links to related sites.

Secrets of the Slime Hag [PDF]

Presents information on living fossils, evolutionary tree and commercial value. With labeled external and internal parts.

Slimy, Blind Hagfish Work to Keep Ocean Floor Clean

Gives information on the environmental significance of the group.

Snot Eel Snot: Recipes

Features a forum for Hagfish. With links to related sites.

The Strange, Wondrous, and Disgusting Hagfish

Presents information on free educational talk entitled "Friends of Oceanography Public Lecture SeriesExplores the Strange, Wondrous, and Disgusting Hagfish.".

Structural and Functional Characterization of Oversulfate Hybrid Chains from the Notochord

Presents results of this study by Chilkunda Nandini, et.al. With links to related sites.

Temperate Oceans Animals Atlantic Hagfish

Provides basic information and taxonomic data.

Tree of Life Web Project Hyperotreti Hagfishes

Contains information on physical characteristics, phylogenetic relationships and taxonomic diagram. Includes illustrations and references.

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