Squaliformes in the Best of the Web Directory


Animal Diversity Web Order Squaliformes

Contains classification guide.

Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures Squaliformes

Features image of specimens from the Auburn University teaching collection.

Funet Network Squaliformes

Contains list of families.

Gerber's Lounge Order Squaliformes: Dogfish Sharks

Discusses unique features. Includes field identification key.

Join Enchanted Learning Squaliformes

Discusses unique features. Includes anatomy.

Occurrence of a Squaloid Shark (Chondrichthyes: Squaliformes) with the Pinniped Allodesmus

Covers first page, citation, and abstract of article by Bigelow, Phillip K. Includes access and purchase links.

Online Adventure Squaliformes

Contains descriptions of families. With photos.

Order Squaliformes Contains These Families:

Provides guide to families.

Order Squaliformes: Dogfish Sharks

Discusses distinguishing features of the group.

Order Summary for Squaliformes

Presents common names and etymology for order and class, sister order, first fossil record, families, and characteristics.

Palaeontological and Phylogenetical Analysis of Squaliform Sharks

Abstract of the study by Adnet, Sylvain and Cappetta, Henri accompanies information on subjects and link to full article.

Systematic Tree of Organisms: Squaliformes

Provides classification guide.

Taxonomicon: Order Squaliformes

Contains classification guide.

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