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Absolute Astronomy: Carpet Shark

Contains overview, types, appearance, families, definitions, and links to related information.

Animal Diversity Web Order Orectolobiformes (Carpet Sharks)

Contains classification tree. With links.

Animal Diversity Web Order Orectolobiformes Carpet Sharks

Shows images of different member species. With names and links to related sites.

Education Biological Profiles

Provides taxonomy, common names, distribution, habitat, biology, and conservation. With photos.

Innivista Orectolobiformes

Contains list of species.

Marine Fishes Orectolobiformes

Offers shark links.

Nova Online Adventure Order Orectolobiformes Carpet Sharks

Contains family descriptions. With links.

Order "Carpetsharks"

Provides brief discussion on the group. With photos and links.

Order Orectolobiformes contains these Families:

List seven families under this order.

Order Orectolobiformes: Carpet Sharks - 34 species

Overview of characteristics, evolutionary inter-relationships, life history and taxonomy. With photos and links to related sites.

Order Summary for Orectolobiformes

Discusses classification, features and class etymology. With links to related sites.


Provides brief lecture on the group. With links to related sites.

Organisms: Orectolobiformes

Offers links to related sites.

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