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Angelfire Mackerel Sharks

Discusses distinguishing features. With photos.

Animal Diversity Web Order Lamniformes Mackerel Sharks

Offers a guide to classification. With images.

Biology of Sharks and Rays Order Lamniformes: Mackerel Sharks

Discusses distinguishing features and classification. With photos. Order Summary for Lamniformes

Summary details include order, common name, class, reference, first fossil record, families, etymology, and characteristics. Lamniformes Mackerel Sharks [PDF]

Discusses evolution, systematics, physical characteristics and reproductive biology. Lamniformes

Provides listing of families and species.

ITIS Report: Lamniformes

Provides status, nomenclature, taxonomic hierarchy and references.

Join Enchanted Learning Lamniformes

Discusses unique features. Includes anatomy.

MarBef ERM Taxon Details Lamniformes.

Provides classification guide.

Nova Lamniformes

Provides unique features of member species. With photos.

Order Lamniformes Contains These Families:

Contains guide to subgroups.

Shark Foundation Order Mackerel Sharks

Discusses distinguishing features. With guide to families.

Thresher Sharks in Malapascua

Discusses unique features and distribution. With photos.

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