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About Cartilaginous Fishes

Contains a listing of articles and online resources.

Anatomical Account of the Squalus Maximus (of Linnaeus)

Provides information on this publication. With price guide. Hammerhead Sharks

Offers articles and basic information. With links.

Cartilaginous Fish (Chondrichthyes)

Contains information on fossil records. With links.

Cartilaginous Fishes From the Fox Hills Formation (Cretaceous: Maastrictian), North Dakota

Provides information on fossils records found in the area. With references.

Cartilaginous Fishes. Class Chondrichthyes

Discusses basic features of species by order and family.

Central Nervous System of Cartilaginous Fishes: Structural and Functional Correlations

Provides data on this publication. With instructions for library access.

Chondrichthyes: Life History and Ecology

Presents an image and brief discussion on feeding, diet, defense and predation. With links to fossil record, systematics and morphology.

Class Chondrichthyes Cartilaginous Fishes Rajiformes

Lists links to member species. From A Guide to Common Marine Fishes of Singapore.

Divergence of Cartilaginous Fishes

Discusses results of this study by K. Lariviere. With links to full text.

Exploding Myths

Provides images and discussion on shark???s resistancy to cancer. With links to related sites.

Family Myliobatidae (Eagle Rays)

Discusses the diversity, systematic and taxonomic history, reproduction and features of the member species.

FAQs About Cartilaginous Fishes

Features an online forum for fish lovers.

Freshwater Elasmobranch: Questionable Future

Discusses species diversity, limited volume and habitats.

Galapagos Sharks and Rays

Provides brief introduction of species found in the area. With photos.

Gonadotropin-releasing Hormone in Cartilaginous Fishes: Structure, Location, and Transport

Looks at citation, abstract, and first page of article, with free preview and link to full PDF version.

Granulopoietic Organs of the Narrow Nose Smooth Hound Mustelus schmitti

Presents mechanics and results. Includes discussion, tables and photos.

Importance of Being Cartilaginous

Discusses the advantages of this internal skeleton. With links to related sites.

Interleukin 1(IL-1) System in the Uteroplacental Complex of a Cartilaginous Fish

Presents an abstract of the findings of this research. By Chiara Cetini et. al.

Long Term Dynamics of the Chondrichthyan Fish Community in the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea [PDF]

Presents an investigation on the dynamics of elasmobranch population around the area by analyzing records and scientific trawl surveys. With abstract.

More About Chondrichthyes (Sharks and Their Kin)

Provides information on cartilage and teeth. With links to related sites.

Ocean Ambassadors Sharks

Discusses geologic ages, issues and threats, scientific and common names, feeding and distinguishing features. With photos.

Permian Sharks of Kansas

Discusses the discovery of fossil records of species on this area.

Pre-Historic Sharks

Discusses early evolutionary history of these species. With photos of ancient ancestors and links.

Professor Paul H. Yancey

Contains information on teaching experiences, researches and achievements. With photos and links.

Reef Ecology Guide Cartilaginous Fishes

Contains photos of species. Includes description and scientific names.

Sharks, Skates, and Rays: Biology of Elasmobranch Fishes (Hardcover)

Features information on this publication. With editorial reviews, pricing guide and links to related sites.

Three Neuropeptide Y Receptor Genes in the Spiny Dogfish, Squalus acanthias

Presents the results and mechanics of this study by Erik Salanek et. al. From Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Triaskis semifasciata (Leopard Shark) - Part I

Shows images and discussion on classification, taxonomy, natural range, size and relations. With links to related sites.

UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan for the Conservation of Cartilaginous Fishes [DOC]

Discusses population assessment and the implementation of sustainable fisheries management.

Visuals Unlimited

Contains images and brief description on ratfishes. Wih photo.

Whale Sharks - Gentle Giants of the Sea!

Discusses distinguishing features, geographical distribution, habitat and biology, and reproduction. With photos.

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