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Sarcopterygii Coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae)

Provides information on habitation, distribution, morphology and biology of this specie. With taxonomic data.

Class Osteichthyes: Subclass Sarcopterygii

Provides information on the characteristics of species under this fish group.

Class Sarcopterygii

Contains a taxonomic tree on this subgroup. With links to related sites.

Cranial Berves of the Coelacanth, Latimeria Chalumnae [Osteichthyes: Sarcopterygii: Actinistia]

Contains an abstract of this study by Northcutt RG, et. al. From PubMed.

Cranial Nerves of the Coelacanth, Latimeria Chalumnae (Osteichthyes-Sarcopterygii-Actinistia)

Contains a synopsis of this publication. With pricing information.

Endangered Species Report Coelacanth

Presents a discussion of the status, habitation, behaviour and discovery of these species. With links to related sites.

Evolution of the Coelacanth

Discusses the origins and phylogeny of this species. With photos.

Evolutionary Puzzle

Discusses the history, phylogeny of this formerly extinct specie.

Introduction to Sarcopterygii

Provides basic information about the subclass. With links to related sites.

Latimeria chalumnae (Coelacanth)

Features map, picture, size, environment, climate, distribution, biology, description, genetics, morphology, ecology, and diet.

MarineBio Coelacanth

Discusses characteristics, habitation and other basic facts of this specie. With photos, citations and related literature.

More About Lobe-Fins: Sarcopterygii

Contains a taxonomic diagram of this group.

New Coelacanth From the Middle Devonian of Latvia

Presents article abstract, literature cited, figures, table, and where cited.

Organism: Sarcopterygii

Lists taxonomic data on this subclass.


Offers different online references.

Sub-class: Sarcopterygii

Lists links to online references for this subclass.

Systema Nature 2000/ Classification Subclass Sarcopterygii

Offers a taxonomic tree for this fish subgroup.

Thyroid of the Sarcopterygii Fishes

Contains searchable database of this study, entitled "The thyroid of the sarcopterygian fishes (Dipnoi and Crossopterygii) and the origin of the tetrapod thyroid," by Chavin W. From Pubmed.

What is a Coelacanth?

Contains a brief description of the features of this specie. With photos. Subclass Crossopterygii

Contains a brief definition and taxonomic tree. With links to related sites.

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