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Animal Diversity Web Order Amiiformes

Provides photos, classification and specimens. Bowfin

Contains data on distinguishing features of this species.

Bowfin (Amia calva)

Article by Brent Courchene. With photos.

Bowfin are Mean and Ugly, and They Will Tear Up Your Tackle

Article by Ronnie Garrison. With links to related sites.

Bowfin Family, Amiidae

Presents distinguishing features.

Cloudnet Bowfin

Discusses characteristics and distribution. With photos.

Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures Amiiformes

Provides profile and photos of member species. Subscription required.

Detailed Triassic Fossil Fish Nodule From Madagascar

Discusses relic profile. With photos. Family Amiidae - Bowfins

Summary includes order, class, number of genera and species, environment, etymology, reproductive guild, and remarks.

Fishbase: Amia calva Bowfin

Provides general information, facts and photos.

Monnesota Nature Snapshots Bowfin Amia calva

Discusses identification, reproduction, food, habitat and range, population and management, and fun facts. With photos and links to related sites.

Quickly Find Bowfin

Presents features and characteristics. With External links.

Tewas Parks and Wildlife Bowfin Amia calva

Presents description, life history and distribution.

Untitled [PDF]

Discusses classification, features, natural history, and habitats in Iowa state.

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