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Asia-Pacific Shorebird Network

International network of groups involved in the study and conservation of shorebirds. Includes membership information, migratory flyways, leg flags, conferences, and news.

Australasian Wader Studies Group

Special interest group who monitor and study shorebirds in Australia, and on their Asia Pacific migration routes, and promote wetland conservation.

Bird Species in Israel ??? Order: Charadriiformes

Lists common and scientific names. With photos.

Birdnet: Charadriiformes

Lists the 366 species of shorebirds, gulls, and their relatives, found in the avian order, Charadriiformes. The list includes common and scientific names and is grouped by the 19 families.

Birds of Cedar Creek Order: Charadriiformes

Contains record of representative species.

Birds of Charadriiformes Order

Gives list of North American species, with link to overview, identification tips, and behavior details for each bird.

Birds Queensland: Waders

Wader study group in Australia describe their project and provide information on protecting the birds, details of meetings, and links.

Charadriiformes : Order

Offers a collection of photographs, grouped by family, with scientific and common names. Order: Charadriiformes

Describes the unique traits of member species.

Shorebirds Order: Charadriiformes

Answers question on migration, feeding and breeding.

Southeastern Birds Order: Charadriiformes

Provides images of member species.

Systematic Tree of Organisms: Charadriiformes

Lists member species under this group.

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