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A Simple Field Candler for Waterfowl Eggs

Explains purpose, other methods, instructions, light source, and criteria for age-determination. Includes chart.

Ecology and Management of Islands, Peninsulas and Structures for Nesting Waterfowl

Provides list of and links to papers presented at 1988 symposium.

Locating, Constructing, and Managing Islands for Nesting Waterfowl

Extension bulletin for public and private managers describes location factors, construction guidelines, island types, and required permits.

Predation on Waterfowl in Arctic Tundra: A Review

Report offers breeding areas, status of population, waterfowl adaptations, habitat changes, and predation management information.

Protocol and Practice in the Adaptive Management of Waterfowl Harvests

Presents abstract, background, discussions and conclusions. By Fred Johnson,

Review of the Problem of Lead Poisoning in Waterfowl

Report looks at sources and diagnosis of lead poisoning, susceptibility, mortality, and reducing lead toxicosis. Includes abstract, introduction, and downloadable .zip file.

Spring-staging Ecology of Waterfowl in Nebraska - Then Versus Now

Brief report addresses background, preliminary results and implications of two-year study between 1998 and 2000.

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