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1,000 Birds

Features an online discussion on sample species. With photos.

A.O.U. Check-list of North American Birds, Seventh Edition

Provides information and overview of this publication. With pricing guide.

African Bird Club

Lists activities, events, press releases, and membership requirements. Includes birding sources.

Alaska Bird Observatory

Provides information on the programs, activities and publications of this agency. With tips on birding sites and resources.

All About Birds

Contains information on physical features, movement, diet, reproduction, migration, classification and evolution.

Amazing World of Birds

Features trivia and basic information. With links to related sites.

Animal Diversity Web Aves

Provides information on characteristics, classification and specimen on this animal class. With photos.

Animals Birds

Contains information on aerodynamics. With photos of sample species.

Are Birds Really Dinosaurs

Discusses evolutional history and similarities in physical features. With images.

Australian Birds

Contains information on resources and programs devoted to species in the area. With links.

Aves 3D

A database of three dimensional avian skeletal morphology showing specimens that can be rotated 360 degrees. Includes specimen location and species information.

Aves Fossil Records

Provides information on ancient members. With links to related sites and list of sources.

Avian Web The Problem With Ethoxyquin

Contains a written communication about the dangers of this substance. With links.


Provides information on birds.

Bird Families of the World

Contains information on the listings of this species for the study of avian diversity.

Bird Fossils and Evolution

Explains the origin and history of these species. With links.

Bird Hotline

Features an assistance and awareness center for these species.

Bird Images

Contains photos and descriptions. With data on scientific and common names.

Bird Orders of the World

Lists existing orders and representative species. Includes data on common names.

Bird Use and Nesting in Conventional, Minimum-tillage, and Organic Cropland

Contains downloadable report, with abstract, introduction, study area, methods, results, implications, and data tables.


Contains a listing of online references.

Birds as Symbols

Contains a listing of designated species for states and countries.

Birds Ireland

Features information on activities, news items and species found in the area. With links.

Birds Korea

Presents information on species found in the area. Includes programs of the agency.

Birds of Britain

Features information and data on this publication. With interactive programs.

Birds of Britain Guide

Lists species found in the area. With photos and description.

Birds of Prey Foundation

Features the missions, activities and educational programs undertaken by this organization. With links to related sites.

Birds of Quebec

Contains information on species inhabiting the area. With links to related sites.

Birds of Sanibel Island

Features the species which inhabit the area. With links.

Birds Songs of New York State Birds

Lists species found in the area. With photos and individual recordings of calls and cries.

BirdWatch Ireland

Features services, projects, news items and events. With membership guide.

British Garden Birds

Provides information on activities, publications and services of this group. With photos.

Canadian Museum of Nature Birds

Lists birds and their basic characteristics. With illustrations.

Canberra Ornithologists Group

Contains information on the operations and activities of the association.

Cooper Ornithological Society

Provides information on the objectives, operations and programs of the organization.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds

Contains a guide on identifying, locating and reporting sightings.

Dinosaurs and Birds

Discusses the evolution, history and relationships of these animal groups.

Effects of Management Practices on Grassland Birds

The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center offers range maps, breeding ranges, habitats, requirements, and species response for a list of specific birds.

Extinction in Birds

Lists species that formerly existed. Includes book reviews.


Lists news items, stories and events. With photos, announcements and book reviews.

Flying Dinosaurs Archaeopteryx - Is This Bird a Fraud?

Presents information on physical features.

Garden Safari Birds

Contains photos of species classified by habitats. With common and scientific names and brief description.

George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center

Features information on main projects and operations of this office.

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Discusses the mission, programs, events, and operations. With links.

Introduction to the Aves The Birds

Provides information on life history and ecology, systematics, morphology and fossil records of this animal group. With photos.

Iowa Birds and Birding

Contains information on species endemic to the state. With tips on viewing areas.

ITIS Report: Aves

Information includes taxonomy, status, nomenclature and taxonomic hierarchy of this class. With references and off-site resources.

Life of Birds by David Attenborough

Contains information on evolution, reproduction and bird songs. With links and trivia.

Museum of Natural History: Ornithological Collection

Brief article contains overview of collection and contact information for viewing specimens at the Tulane University museum.

New Zealand Birds

Contains a guide to species found in the area. With photos.

Official State Birds

Lists designated symbols for each area. With photos and brief descriptions.

Operation Migration

Provides information on the missions, projects, researches of this organization.

Ornithology: The Science of Birds

Contains information and educational resources about wildbirds. With searchable database.

Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter

Lists species by order and family. With photos and brief description.

Queer Birds Marsupial Avians, Compost Heaters and Obligate Parasites

Discusses the breeding behavior of these birds. With references.

Raptor Education Foundation

Provides information on goals, services and publications.

Raptor Research Foundation

Presents the objectives and goals of this institution. With links and membership application form.

Road Plans Threaten Rare Birds Say Campaigners

Contains a summary of this report. From Guardian Unlimited.

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory

Features organizational events, educational activities and community seminars. With membership guide.

Stonehenge Road a Risk to Birds

Provides full text of this news article. From BBC News.

Topic: Birds

Lists online resources on this species. With brief discussion.

Tree of Life Web Project Aves

Contains information on classification of this specie. With references and photos.

University of Alaska Museum Bird Collection

Presents information on specimens in the safekeeping of this institution. With checklist of species found in the area.

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Bird Division

Provides information on the operations of this office.

US Fish and Wildlife Service Birds, Birds, Birds

Provides information on the services of this agency.

Utah Birds

Features photos and discussion on species inhabiting the area. With links.

What's A Bird All About Birds

Discusses physical features. With links.

Wild-Eyed Alaska

Contains information on endemic birds, feeding and birding areas in this state.

Working Together for Birds and People

Features activities and publications of this organization. Includes news items.

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