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Animal Diversity Web: Phylum Brachiopoda

Contains a taxonomic diagram of this group. With pictures. Brachiopod

Contains information on characteristics, evolutionary history and classification of this animal group. With links and references.

Brachiopoda and Brachiopodologists

Contains information on a publication by specialists on this animal group. With subscription guide.

Brachiopoda Introduction

Discusses characteristics, morphology, classification and ecology of this species. With information on geologic ranges. Invertebrates Phylum Brachiopoda

Provides basic facts of species under this group. With labeled illustrations.

Cretaceous Fossils of Delaware Phylum Brachiopoda

Describes basic features of representatives of this phylum. With photos.

Introduction to the Brachiopoda (of Lampshells and Lophophores)

Provides basic information on this animal group. With images and links.

ITIS Report: Brachiopoda

Includes information on taxonomic hierarchy, status, and nomenclature of this phylum. With off-site resources and references.

Natural History Collections: Brachiopoda

Provides information on habitation, fossil records and distinguishing characteristics of each class. With photos.

Ordivician-Silurian Distribution of Orthida (Palaeozoic Brachiopoda) in the Greater Iapetus Ocean Re

Contains an abstract of a study done on the subject by Tychsen, Anders et. al, fully titled, "A new echiuran Sluiterina kaikourae (Echiura: Bonelliidae), from New Zealand and a note on New Zealand echiurans.".

Paleontology Portal: Brachiopoda

Details characteristics, related animals, fossil occurrence range, and images by geological period.

Tree of Life Web Project Brachiopoda

Features a taxonomic diagram on lamp shells. With references.

Virtual Fossil Museum Phylum Brachiopoda

Provides information on evolution, types, and features of this species.

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