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African Giant Black Millipede

Discusses features of this species. With tips on pet-keeping.

Animal Diversity Web Class Diplopoda

Contains introductory information on this animal group. With references.

Annotated Checklist of the Millipeds of California

Monograph examines type locality, occurrence, and reference by order, family, genus, and species. [PDF].

Apheloria Corrugata A Photographic Study

Contains basic data on this species. With tips as subject for photography .

BugGuide.Net Class Diplopoda Millipedes

Presents information on classification, identification, life cycle, habitation, diet, common names and body size. With online references and citations.

Diplopoda: Collection of the Siberian Zoological Museum

Provides list of scientific names of the millipedes in the collection.

Diplopoda: Millipedes

Furnishes characteristics, images, feeding, habitat, and life cycle information.

Discover Life Diplopoda Millipedes

Provides information on the phylogeny of this animal group. With overview, links and references.

Gene expression sugge

Contains information on a study by Jannsen R, et al. entitled "Gene expression suggests decoupled dorsal and ventral segmentation in the millipede Glomeris marginata (Myriapoda: Diplopoda).".

Giant Millipede Orthoporus Ornatus

Provides basic facts on this species. With photos.

Insects and Their Allies Diplopoda Millipedes

Discusses life cycle, diet, habitat, and body structure of this animal group. With photos.

Iowa State University Department of Entomology Millipedes

Discusses habitation, diet, control and migration of this animal group.

Kendall Bioresearch Services: Millipedes

Covers description, diet, reproduction, defenses, and details on UK and European species.

Kentucky Millipedes

Presents information on taxonomy, life cycle and ecology of member species found in the area. With photos.

Molecular taxonomy of the Anadenobolus excisus (Diplopoda : Spirobolida : Rhinocricidae)

Information on article by Jason E. Bond and Petra Sierwald, includes abstract and PDF ordering details.

Muscular Anatomy of the Millipede

Contains information on a study by Wilson HM of the Department of Entomology, University of Maryland. The full title of this paper is "Muscular anatomy of the millipede Phyllogonostreptus nigrolabiatus (Diplopoda: Spirostreptida) and its bearing on the millipede 'thorax.'".

New Genera and Species of Upper Paleozoic Diplopoda

Contains information on this article from the Journal of Paleontology by Richard L. Hoffman.

Night of a Thousand Legs

Provides a description of characteristics of these organisms. With photos.

Subphylum Myriapoda Class Diplopoda

Contains introductory information on this animal group. With images.

Systema Naturae 2000 Classification Class Diplopoda

Contains a taxonomic profile on this animal group.

Tracheata: Class Diplopoda

Lecture material reviews population, species, physical features, diet, behavior, movement, and reproduction.

Tree of Life Web Project Diplopoda

Contains a taxonomic diagram of this animal group. With references.

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