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Biokids Thrips Thysanoptera

Provides information on physical appearance, diet, reproduction and economic problems caused. Thysanoptera

Offers data on distinguishing taxonomic features, life cycle and characteristics.

British Insects: The Insect Orders Thysanoptera

Contains data on physical appearance of adult and larva.

BugGuide Order Thysanoptera Thrips

Shows many thumbnail images which can be enlarged for a more detailed view.

CSIRO Thysanura Thrips

Features stages of development, member species, physical appearance and diet. With photos.

Fauna Iberica Order Thysanoptera

Contains data on classification. With references.

Kendall Bioresearch Services Order Thysanoptera Thrips

Discusses data on stages of development, diet, description, biology and distribution. Includes photos.

Systematic Thysanoptera, the Thrips

Offers online references.

Thysanoptera Thrips of the World A Checklist

Presents data on species, genera and families. Includes references.

Thysanoptera: Thrips

Covers physical characteristics, life cycle, feeding behavior, habitat, and images.

Tree of Life Web Project Thysanoptera

Contains data on characteristics and references. With images.

University of California Museum of Paleontology Thtysanoptera Thrips

Provides physical description. With references and pictures.

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