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Strepsiptera is an order of insects with ten families and approximately 600 identified species. Members under this order live most of their lives as endoparasites in other insects such as wasps, bees, silverfish, leafhoppers, and cockroaches. They die within a short period of time upon maturing into adult insects.

The order was named by William Kirby in 1813 after the appearance of the hind wings which are held at a twisted angle when at rest. "Strepsis" means twisted while "ptera" means wings.

The male strepsiptera resembles flies having wings, legs, eyes, and antennae though it does not have useful mouthparts. The females on the other hand are neotenic in form without wings or legs that facilitate better locomotion. Almost all females are known to not leave their hosts. These insects make mating possible despite the female's lack of mobility as females release a pheromone that attract males.

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