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The Phasmatodea order, also called Phasmida, is a group of insects commonly known as stick insects, walking sticks, stick bugs, phasmids, ghost sticks, or leaf insects depending on the locality. The term comes from the Ancient Greek word "phasma" that means an apparition or phantom, apparently referring to most of the insects' natural camouflage that allows them to look like sticks or leaves.

Most phasmids are elongated and relatively large insects with bodies often resembling vegetation or sticks. Some few phasmids are also capable of changing their color to match their environment. Most species notably have none or reduced wings but all of them possess compound eyes. Winged species have long thoraces with their first pair of wings narrow and cornified and the hind wings relatively broader. Females of these insects are significantly bigger than the males.

Herbivorous throughout their life cycle, phasmids feed mostly on leaves of tress and shrubs. They are sedentary insects and they also exhibit rocking behavior similar to the praying mantis.

Listed under this category are websites that offer various information, references, and resources related to stick insects of various species from different places worldwide.
  • BugGuide: Order Phasmida

    Contains information on classification, synonyms and taxonomic changes, identification, and habitat.

  • My Stick Insects

    Discussion board enables stick insect information sharing, trade, and photo submissions.

  • Order Phasmatodea

    Provides information about phasmid classification, genus and species listings, morphology overview, references, and related links.


    Comprehensive resource site devoted to stick insects. Includes a moderated forum, gallery of photos, taxonomy information, and related literature.

  • Phasmid Study Group

    International community of hobbyists and entomologists (amateur and professional) who share interests in the rearing and study of insects of the order Phasmida. Site features a glossary, knowledge base, publications, and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Phasmida Species File Online

    Taxonomic database of phasmids or stick and leaf insects worldwide.

  • Walking Stick Insects - The Perfect Insect Pet

    Provides an overview of stick insects and presents the various information about having them as pets including the advantages and disadvantages.

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