Megaloptera in the Best of the Web Directory


Alien Travel Guide Order Megaloptera

Contains classification key.

Animal Diversity Web Order Megaloptera

Provides classification guide. With images.

Bug Guide Suborder Megaloptera Alderflies, Dobsonflies and Fishflies

Provides classification guide and images of member species.

Funet Network Megaloptera

Contains guide to subgroups and member species.

Insects and Their Allies Megaloptera: Dobsonflies and Alderflies

Contains discussion on characteristics, life cycle, feeding and habitat.

Megaloptera Spit Out From Neuroptera?

Presents online discussion.

Preliminary Survey of the Megaloptera of Oklahoma

Presents the record by Don C. Arnold and W. A. Drew.

Separating the Order Megaloptera From Other Neuroptera [PDF]

Discusses unique characteristics. By P.M. Choate.

Soil and Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax Order Megaloptera

Contains data on classification, habitat, feeding and indicator value.

Tree of Life Alderflies, Dobsonflies, Fishflies

Discusses unique characteristics, life history and phylogenetic relationships.

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