Mecoptera in the Best of the Web Directory


Alien Travel Guide Order Mecoptera

Contains information on member species.

Animal Diversity Web Scorpion Flies

Provides classification guide.

BorealForest Order Mecoptera Scorpionflies

Discusses appearance of representative species.

British Insects: Insect Order Mecoptera

Discusses distinguishing features of the group.

Earth Life Scorpion Flies (Mecoptera)

Discusses unique features and ecology.

Kendall Bioresearch Services Order Mecoptera Scorpion Flies

Discusses features of the subgroups and member species.

Mecoptera Insect Fossil Gallery - Scorpionfly

Discusses unique features. With photos of fossils.

Mecoptera: Scorpion Flies

Relates characteristics, life cycle, feeding, and habitat. Mecoptera

Introduces member species. With images.

Taxonomicon: Order Mecoptera

Contains classification guide.

Tree of Life Web Project Scorpionflies and Hangingflies

Contains classification guide. With links to related sites.

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