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Cedar Creek Natural History Area Order Hemiptera

Contains photos of member species.

Cirrus Image True Bugs-Insect Order Hemiptera

Discusses unique features of member species. With photos.

Earth Life Hemiptera or True Bugs

Discusses unique features and taxonomy. With photos.

Florida Nature Hemiptera True Bugs

Provides guide to taxonomic classification and member species.

Hemiptera and Homoptera True Bugs

Discusses features and confused classifications. With photos.

Hemiptera Fossil Insects - True Bugs

Discusses distinguishing features. With photos.

Hemiptera: Bugs, Aphids, and Cicadas

Gives photograph, sketches, habitat, diet, life cycle, and characteristics.

Insects and Their Allies Hemiptera: Bugs, Aphids and Cicadas

Provides data on characteristics, life cycle and feeding. With photos.

Kendall Bioresearch Services Order Hemiptera True Bugs

Discusses distinguishing features, subgroups and uses.

Oklahoma State University Checklist of the Hemiptera of Oklahoma

Presents record of species within the area.

Soil and Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax Order Hemiptera True Bugs

Contains classification, life history, habitat and feeding.

Tree of Life Hemiptera True Bugs, Cicadas, Leafhoppers, Aphids, etc.

Provides unique characteristics and classification guide. With photos.

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