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The Tipulidae family, more commonly known as crane flies, is the largest family of Diptera. They are some of the arthropods referred to as "daddy long-legs" in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Newfoundland. Other names for the crane flies also include mosquito hawk, mosquito eater, skeeter eater, gallinipper, and gollywhopper.

Tipulidae members are insects that mature into slender and long-legged flies with lengths ranging from two to sixty millimeters for temperate species, and up to a hundred millimeters for those inhabiting tropical regions. They have long slender abdomens, very long legs, and conspicuous halteres. Crane flies are generally poor fliers with characteristic tendencies of wobbling in irregular patterns while on flight. Moreover, crane flies are innocuous, contrary to common misconceptions attributed to arthropods referred to as daddy long-legs.

Sites listed under this category are those that provide information and pertinent resources about the Tipulidae family or on specific species or subfamilies.
  • Crane Flies - Family Tipulidae

    Compiles pictures of and information about crane flies in the Brisbane area of Queensland.

  • Crane Fly Pests

    Facts and resources about crane flies prepared by researchers and educators from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. Aims to provide research and educational information of interest to landscape professionals, pesticide applicators, and concerned citizens and homeowners.

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