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With the common houseflies (Musca domestica) or stable flies as its best known member, Muscidae is a family under Diptera and the superfamily Muscoidea. Members of this family are flies which have apical segments of the agennae that are plumose while the basal portions are smooth. They are widely distributed worldwide with nearly 4,000 described species in more than a hundred genera.

Subfamilies of Muscidae include Atherigoninae, Azeliinae, Coenosiinae, Cyrtoneurininae, Muscinae, Mydaeinae, and Phaoniinae. Most species are not known to be synanthropes while mature flies tend to become blood-feeding (hematophagous), predatory, and saprophagous easily attracted to sugar, perspiration, tears, and blood. Muscidae larvae are typically found in decaying plant materials or manure.
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