Diptera in the Best of the Web Directory


Anatomical Atlas of Flies

Interactive online anatomical reference on flies created by CSIRO Entomology as an accompanying reference for an ABRS-funded identification key to fly families of Australia.


Online anopheles database featuring a gene query tool, mosquito anatomy ontology and controlled vocabularies, genomic sequences and scaffolds, maps, and references.

Cedar Creek Natural History Area Order Diptera

Contains photos of member species.

Common House Fly

Contains information on anatomy, reproductive system and transmitted diseases.

Diptera- Flies are Cool

Discusses unique characteristics. With links to related sites.

The Diptera Site

Resource site devoted to the Diptera order featuring community-generated content, including contributions from professionals and amateurs.


Features a Diptera picture gallery, forums, articles, downloads, and books reviews.

Earth Life Flies Diptera

Discusses unique features of member species. With links to related sites.

Families of Diptera

Lists subgroups. By Fritz Geller-Grimm.


Information, illustrations, and photos of houseflies, lesser house flies, bluebottles, greenbottles, Autumn flies, crane flies, and fruit flies.

Garden Safari Introduction to Flies Diptera

Introduces member species and their unique features.

Magnolia Press Diptera

Lists publications on this group of insects.

Manual of Afrotropical Diptera

Project aimed at encouraging dipterology through a high quality Manual of Afrotropical Diptera useful for practicing systematists, applied entomologists, conservationists, and students.

North American Dipterists Society (NADS)

Official NADS site provides a comprehensive collection of resources on the order Diptera. With newsletters, dipterists directory, and links to general references.

Palaeontological Institute Order Diptera Linne 1758 True Flies

Discusses synapomorphies, range, system, phylogeny and history.

Soil and Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax Order Diptera Two-Winged or True Flies

Contains hierarchical classification, life history, habitat and distribution.

University of California, Berkeley Diptera True Flies

Discusses unique features of member species.

World Diptera Systematists Home Page

Offers access to related sites.

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