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Isoptera is an order under class Insecta and the superorder Dictyoptera. This is the group of termites, eusocial insects that look like ants with whitish soft bodies and best known for destroying structures and furniture as they food on wood. Though not closely related to ants, termites are sometimes referred to as "white ants."

Termites live in colonies with populations reaching as many as several millions. Their diet mainly consists of dead plant material such as wood and leaf litter. They are also known to feed on animal dung. Considered as detritivores or saprophages, termites obtain nutrition from detritus or the remains of organic matter especially in the tropical and subtropical regions. They play an important role in the natural ecology but they are overwhelming pests when they start thriving in the human environment. Approximately 10% of the more or less 4,000 species of termites are classified as pests that significantly damage buildings, crops, and forest plantations.

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