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Animal Diversity Web Order Dermaptera Earwigs

Contains classification guide.

BorealForest Order Dermaptera Earwigs

Discusses unique lifestyle and features of the group.

Bug Guide Order Dermaptera Earwigs

Provides profile of member species. With photos.

California Biota Website Order Dermaptera Earwigs

Contains guide to families and member species.

Checklist of the Dermaptera Permanently Living in Kenya

Discusses features, distribution and member species.

Csiro Entomology Dermaptera: Earwigs

Discusses characteristics, life cycle and feeding habits.

Earwigs Research Centre Some Earwigs Links

Offers access to related sites.

Edkins Family Index Page Photos of Insects - Two-Winged Flies

Provides table for suborder hierarchy, families and species.

Kendall Bioresearch Services Order Dermaptera Earwigs

Discusses description, biology and distribution.

Order Dermaptera (Earwigs) in Florida and the United States [PDF]

Discusses identification of member species.

Provisional Checklist of the Dermaptera (Earwigs)

Contains overview, behavior, and checklist.

Tree of Life Dermaptera Earwigs

Discusses characteristics, suborders and phylogenetic relationships. With references.

Uncommon Earwig in Dominican Amber

Describes the fossil remains of an ancient representative.

University of Wisconsin Order Dermaptera

Contains classification guide.

What's That Bug?: Earwigs

Contains online discussion on dermaptera species.

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