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1995 Flagstaff Festival of Science Ugly Bug Contest

Shows images and discusses unique characteristics.

About Animals Wildlife Insects

Discusses characteristics, habitation, and orders of this class. With references. Insects

Offers various information related to insects including an overview of entomology, identifying insects, and insect evolution. With articles for insect enthusiasts and recommended reading.

Amber Inclusions

Site dedicated to the study of insects and other materials trapped and preserved in amber.

Animal Diversity Web Class Insecta

Gives information about the animal group that makes up the great majority of species on the planet. Leaf Insect

Discusses the characteristics of this particular group of arthropods.

Biogeography of the Convergent Ladybird Beetle (Hippodamia convergens)

Provides information on description, habitat, growth and reproduction, distribution, feeding, evolution and special adaptations.

Biology Online: Arthropoda - Insecta

Describes development, land insects, senses, and symbiosis.

Information about common insects found in North America. Includes a glossary, checklist, and educational resources.


Comprehensive reference for insects, spiders, and other arthropods. Includes images, identification guides, forums, and related links.

California Biota Class Insecta

Contains taxonomic data on this animal class. With photos and common names.

Common Insect Species

Discusses the features of member species. With access to the different orders.


Introduces a software developed for the analysis of insect wing for identification. Features images and illustrations of various insect wings.

History of Insects

Information on the publication by Alexandr P. Rasnitsyn, Donald L.J. Quicke, .

Insect Orders

Discusses class diversity in this animal group. With links to related sites.

Insecta Inspecta World

Gives information on member representatives of this animal group.

Online insect guide offering descriptions and illustrations of various members of the class Insecta including ants, bees, bugs, cicadas, earwigs, dragonflies, fleas, wasps, termites, mosquitoes, and lice.

Identification guide for the casual insect observer. Features an insect database searchable by primary color, secondary color, number of legs, and native location.

Insects and Their Allies

Provides groupings of insects and related invertebrates, by family. Includes images.

Insects: The Most Successful of the Animals

Discusses the largest group in the animal kingdom.

Insects-Class Insecta

Provides information on the member species that inhabit Canada's polar region.

Introduction to Taxonomy

Discusses this group and provides table of its orders.

Online Learning Center Class Insecta

List links to this animal group.

Tree of Life Web Project Insecta

Features images of insects and gives information regarding characteristics and phylogenetic relationships.

What's That Bug?

Insect identification site featuring profiles, descriptions, details, and images of a wide variety of insects.

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