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Animal Diversity Web Subphylum Crustacea

Provides information on habitation, body structure, reproduction and respiration of this animal group. With list of sources.

Arthropoda : Crustacea (Amphipods, Isopods, Shrimp, Ostracods, and Krill)

Basic facts and pictures of crustacean species. From Underwater Field Guide to Ross Island & McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.

Atlas of Exotic Crustaceans in the Mediterranean

Lists member species of this animal group in the area. With data on origin and status.

British Marine Life Study Society Crustacea

Discusses body structure, behaviour, development, diet and taxonomy of this species. Focuses on hermit crabs. Invertebrates Crustacea

Provides an overview on this animal group.

Crabs, Shrimps and Lobsters

Contains basic facts of member species of this animal group. With photos.

Crustacea in Bromeliad Phytotelmata

Offers information on member species breeding on this plant, including colonization and distribution details.

Crustacea: Decapoda & Stomatopoda (Mainly From French Polynesian Islands)

A database of member species inhabiting the area.

Deep-sea Pages: Bathyal and Abyssal Molluscs, Crustacea and Pycnogonida

Compares features of species inhabiting these areas. With photos. Crustracean Printouts

Contains educational materials for educators. With overview.

Euphausiacea (Crustacea) of the North Pacific

Contains information on a research by Brian P Boden, et. al. of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. With abstract.

GBR Explorer: Crustaceans

Reports physiology, habitat, reproduction, and feeding information.

Guide to the Mangroves of Singapore Crustacea

Lists member species found in the area. With taxonomic data and descriptions.

Introduction to the Crustaceamorpha Seafood Special and Other Crusties

Presents information on body shapes, distribution, and economic significance of this group. With photos.

Long Island Seashore Creatures Crustacea

Provides basic facts on this animal group. With photos.

Microscopic Freshwater Crustaceans

Discusses characteristics of member species under this group. With photos.

Oyster and Crustacea

Displays official policies pertaining to the merchandise of these species.

Paleontology Portal: Crustaceans

Information covers characteristics, earliest fossil occurrence, and links to images by period.

Raising Crustaceans A Tobacco Farmland Becomes A Farm Pond For Freshwater Shrimp Business

Features an article by Natalie Hompton. From Perpectives Online.

Subphylum Crustacea

Discusses hierarchical classification and characteristics of member species inhabiting the North American freshwater areas. Also contains micrographs.

Subphylum Crustacea Crustacea on the Site

Lists member species found inhabiting the area. From A Guide to Seashore Life in Singapore.

Systematic Tree of Organisms Crustacea

Features a taxonomic diagram of this animal group.

Tree of Life Web Project Crustacea

Contains a taxonomic diagram of these species. With pictures and references.

UK Marine Special Areas of Conservations Crustaceans

Discusses features and taxonomic classification of member species used as baits in the UK. With references.

Water Fleas

Provides basic facts about these organisms. With list of related literature.

Zoological Catalogue of Australia Volume 19.2A

Furnishes facts on a variety of Australian crustaceans. Includes features, contents, and author information.

Zoology 250 Phylogenetic Trees (2005) Subphylum Crustacea

Contains lecture materials for this animal group. With taxonomic tree.

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