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A Review of the Tasmanian Species of Pararchaeidae and Holarchaeidae

Contains information on this publication. With abstract.

Absolute Astronomy: Arachnid

Discusses habitation, diet, body structure and reproduction of this group. Includes links to related information and definition.

Amazonian Arachnida and Myriapoda Identification

Provides information on this publication, entitled "Amazonian Arachnida & MyriapodaIdentification keys to all classes, orders, families,some genera and lists of known terrestrial species.".

American Arachnological Society

Organization founded to promote the study of arachnids while fostering cooperation and understanding among amateur and professional arachnologists.

Animal Diversity Web: Class Arachnida

Provides information on the external features and internal systems of this group. With data on orders under this class.

Arachnida (Mites, Ticks, Spiders)

Provides information on species in the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes. With list of publications and links.

Arachnida (Spiders, Harvestmen, Scorpions, Mites, etc.)

Lists sample species and taxonomic classifications. With links to images.

Arachnida at the Museum of Entomology

Provides information on collected specimens. With overview.

Arachnida, the Spiders, Scorpions, Ticks, and Mites

Contains online links and information on the members of this phylum.

Arachnids Common Spiders, Ticks and Mites

Contains photos and introductory information of animals from this group.

Biokids Arachnida

Contains teaching tools on this animal group. With photos.

Biologia Centrali-Americana Arachnida

An electronic version of this publication. With guide to pdf pages.

Chelicerata: Class Arachnida

Reviews member species, physical characteristics, internal systems, behavior, reproduction, and images.

Fauna of British India Arachnida

Contains an electronic version of this publication. By Reginald Innes Pocock.

Find-a-spider Guide

Online guide to identifying spiders found in South-east Queensland.

Illustrated Key to the Orders of Arachnida

Contains photos of sample species. With labeled body parts.

Kinds of Arachnida

Lists scientific names of ticks. With data on common names and date of discovery.

Magnolia Press Araenae

Lists publications available for this animal group. With ordering guide.

Marine Spider Desis

Contains basic facts of this species. From a Guide to Seashore Life in Singapore.

Mites Subclass to the Class Arachnida

Presents basic facts on these particular species. With photos.

New Records of Pathogenic Fungi in Mites (Arachnida: Acari) from Brazil

Contains abstract of study by Geest, Leo P.S. van der, et al., with links to full text and PDF versions.

Pseudoscorpions of the World

Offering extensive information on the phylogeny of pseudoscorpions.

Systematic Tree of Organisms Arachnida

Features a taxonomic profile of this animal group.

Tarantula - Scorpions

Contains photos of sample species.

Tree of Life Web Project Arachnida

Features a taxonomic diagram of this phylum. With photos and references.

Type Specimens of Arachnida and MyriapodaDeposited in Museu Nacional

Details contents of the Arachnology section of the National Museum in Rio, including links to additional information by taxon.

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