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Amazonian Arachnida and Myriapoda

Contains background information on this publication. With photos and pricing guide.

Animal Diversity Web Phylum Arthropoda

Provides information on the biggest grouping of species in the animal kingdom.

Arthropoda (Bug-like Animals)

Kentucky Geological Survey offers brief overview of this group and subgroups, with drawings and links to additional resources.

Arthropods in General

Provides a discussion of the members of the phylum including spiders, millipedes and other bugs.

Biological Survey of Canada Terrestrial Arthropods

Provides information in the initiative aimed at coordinating scientific research on the land-based members of the phylum.

Bites and Stings of Medically Important Venomous Arthropods

Article by Richard S. Vetter and P. Kirk Visscher explores overview, bites versus stings, and details on several groups and species.

Bogglesworld Arthropods

Provides material for teaching all about arthropods.

British Myriapod and Isopod Group

Provides information on the aims, activities and field meetings of this organization. With guide to membership and publications.

Bug Pictures

Provides access to pictures of insects.

Offers a collection of pictures for identifying insects, spiders and their kin.

Bugs in Cyberspace

Presents a resource on insects for collectors including pictures, books and materials.

Cirrus Digital Imaging North American Insects and Spiders

Offers high-resolution pictures of members of the phylum found in the continent.

Deep-Sea Pages: Deep-Sea Molluscs, Crustacea, and Pycnogonida

Features photos of these species. With information on eating behavior.

Entomology Illustration Archive

Provides access to thousands of scientific drawings of insects at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Presents information on these Palezoic arthropods based on fossil specimens.

Evolution of Arthropods

Tutorial discusses the evolution of various arthropods.

Florida Nature Arthropoda (Arthropods)

Features a taxonomic classification of species under this phylum.

Freshwater Arthropods

Provides information on some non-marine representatives of the phylum. With illustrations.

Insect and Spider Collections of the World

Presents a clearing house of information on existing collections of these representatives of the phylum from around the globe.

Introduction to the Arthropoda

Provides information on the most successful group of animals on the planet.

Introduction to the Uniramia

Presents the biggest grouping of arthropods that includes millipedes, centipedes, insects and their kin. With links to related sites.

Iowa State Entomology Index of Internet Resources

Presents a directory and search engine of insect-related sites. Includes journals and newsletters.

Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery

Presents the school's collection of images of insects. Includes plants.

Journal of Insect Behavior

Information on the publication includes its focus, available volumes, editorial board, submission policies and subscription rates.

Kidport Reference Library Science Arthropods

Presents introductory information on these members of animal kingdom. With links and pictures.

Micribiology and Immunology On-line Parasitology Arthropods

Discusses the members of the phylum that play a significant role in human diseases.

Paleontology Portal: Arthropods

Provides basic facts on this phylum, with links to fossil images by period.

Phylum Arthropoda Slides

Provides an educational tool for the teaching of the subject.

Project ALAS Arthropods of La Selva

Presents a large scale inventory of arthropods that are found in tropical rainforests.

Shape of Life Phylum Arthropoda

Provides information on the largest group in the animal kingdom. With links to related sites.

Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute

Private nonprofit organization aims to foster awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the roles that arthropods play in the Sonoran Desert ecosystem.

Spiders and Other Arthropods

Information on members of the phylum includes description and pictures. From the collections of the University of Idaho and Oregon State University.

Tree of Life Arthropoda

Provides links to members of the phylum. With pictures.

Trichomycetes: Fungal Associates of Arthropods

Provides information about this publication. With pricing information.

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