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A Cave Leech (Hirudinea, Erpobdellidae) from Croatia with Unique Morphological Features

Details abstract and access information for the study by Sket B, et. al.

Alien Travel Guide Class Hirudinea

Lists orders of Leeches.

Aqua World Hirudinea Leech

Discusses predation and treatments. With photos.

Attachment of Myzobdella lugubris (Hirudinea: Piscicolidae) to Logperch, Percina caprodes

Presents abstract and first page of the article by Ralph G. Appy and David K. Cone.

Class Hirudinea (Leeches)

Discusses habitat and value. With photos and references.

Commonwealth of Kentucky Leeches Class Hirudinea

Discusses unique features. With illustrations.

Earth Life Hirudinea

Discusses medical uses. With photos.

Gondar Design Science Leeches Hirudinea

Discusses classification, relationships, habitat and medical uses.

High Wire Press: Hirudinea

Contains list of articles and book reviews on this subclass of Annelids.

Hirudinea Genomics Consortium

Contains resources in Hirudinea genetics, experimental protocols, and participating laboratories.

Infestation Dynamics and Histopathology of Two Species of Freshwater Leeches

Presents abstract of study by Volonterio, Odile, et. al. Includes references and links to purchase full text or PDF.

ITIS Report: Hirudinea

Offers taxonomic status, hierarchy, nomenclature, resources, and references.

Leeches- Class Hirudinea

Canada's Arctic briefly discusses unique features of the group.

Leeches: Class Hirudinea

Wetland Health Evaluation Program offers slideshow on these Annelids. Includes characteristics, shapes, families, member species, and distinguishing features. [PDF].

Marine Leech, Stibarobdella macrothela

Presents summary of the study by Soto JM.

Occurrence of Leeches (Hirudinea, Piscicolidae) on Some Marine Fishes in Norway

Details on the study by Karlsbakk, Egil include abstract, subjects, references, and link to purchase PDF or HTML version.

On the Origin of the Hirudinea and the Ddemise of the Oligochaeta.

Presents summary of the article by Martin P.

Richardsonobdella-Lineatae, Gen Et Sp-Nov (Hirudinea), a Parasite of Meiacanthus-Lineatus

Contains abstract of the study by EM Burreson and RE Dybdahl, with purchase details.

Saskatchewan Leeches: Hirudinea

Discusses unique features. With photos.

Systematic Tree of Organisms: Hirudinea

Provides classification guide.

Taxonomicon: Class Hirudinea

Provides classification guide.

Ukrainian Freshwater Leeches

Contains photos of representative species.

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