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1902 Encyclopedia: Annelida

Provides a description of species and includes a detailed discussion of classes.

Amazing World of Annelids

Introduction to over 9,000 species of worms.

Annelida - The True Worms

Provides information on external organs of this species. With labeled illustrations.

Annelida Introduction

Find information on the fossil record, life history and ecology of Annelida.

Annelida: Polychaetes, Bristle Worms, Featherduster Worms, Leeches

Underwater Field Guide to Ross Island and McMurdo Sound, Antarctica project combines images with descriptions of member species.

Annelida: Worms and Leeches

Discusses characteristics, life cycle, feeding and habitation of these organisms. With illustrations. Invertebrates Annelida Worms and Leeches

Discusses the distinguishing characteristics of the classes under this phylum. .

Earthworms (Annelida: Oligochaeta) of the Columbia River Basin Assessment Area

Results of an ecosystem management project, including abstract, ecology, resident species, management issues, and priorities.

Introduction to the Annelida

Offers a general reference on these species. Includes images and links.

Marine Invertebrates of Hawaii Phylum Annelida - Segmented Worms

Presents information on annelids found in the state. With photographs.

Phylum Annelida Worms and Leeches

Contains an article on habitation, diversity and life styles of species under this group. By Rob Toonen. .

Pima Community College: Annelida Homepage

Features a lecture on the species. With pictures.

Shape of Life Phylum Annelida

Provides a brief description of this type of fauna. With photographs and links.

Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Prince Phylum Annelida

List species under this animal group. With information on class, order, family and common names.

Tree of Life Annelida

Offers a description of the species. Includes images and diagrams.

University of Evansville Phylum Annelida

Features slides that contains descriptions and images of species in this group.

Zoology 250 Phylogenetic Trees (2005) Phylum Annelida

Compares the physical traits of several species in this group. With images.

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