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Virology refers to the study of viruses and virus-like organisms including their structure, classification, evolution, means of infecting and exploiting cells, illnesses caused, and the techniques used to isolate, characterize, and culture such viruses and virus-like agents.
  • All the Virology on the WWW

    Site dedicated to providing comprehensive information and resources on virology. Includes a collection of links with respective descriptions.

  • American Society for Virology

    Organization founded to provide a forum for studies and new discoveries related to human, animal, insect, plant, fungal, and bacterial viruses.

  • Baculorvirus.com

    Lab manual focusing on baculovirus techniques. Includes useful protocols, references, lab links, and a networking registry.

  • ICTVdB

    Virus database of the International Union of Microbiological Societies. Provides an index of viruses, picture gallery, software tools, and related links.

  • Journal of Virology

    Journal published by the American Society for Microbiology offering original research and updates on viruses.

  • Plant Virology

    Presents the structure of plant viruses, illustrations of healthy and infected plant leaves, and information on virus transmission and transport.

  • Retrovirology

    Peer-reviewed journal focusing on basic retrovirus research. Site presents instruction for authors, contacts, and editorial board information.

  • This Week in Virology

    Supplies information about viruses and virology via podcast format.

  • Virology

    Journal presenting the results of basic research in all branches of virology. Topics covered include the nature of viruses, the molecular biology of viral reproduction, and molecular pathogenesis.

  • Virology Journal

    Open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing original research about viruses. Also aims to offer a strategic alternative to the traditional virology communication process.

  • Virus Pathogen Resource (ViPR)

    Online virus genome database with visualization and analysis tools. Offers a comprehensive database of genomes, genes and proteins, immune epitopes, and 3D protein structures.

  • Wong's Virology

    Provides notes on various aspects of virology. Serves as a study aid for undergraduate and postgraduate students and includes ready-to-use slide sets.

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